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The Collective is a secular, inclusive, LGBTQIA+ affirming group established for the purpose of bringing together Northeast Ohio's homeschooling families for social enrichment and educational opportunities. The Collective is firmly committed to being pro-science and to teaching children to use logic, reason, and their own innate creativity for the benefit of themselves, their communities, and the world.


Up-to-date vaccination for COVID-19 is strongly encouraged for all members (adults and kids).  Masks are optional (but fully supported for those who choose to wear them) for all activities at this time.

To join the Collective, at least one child in the homeschooling family must be school-age (5+).  Younger siblings are welcome. 

Two Membership Options

Option #1

Want to meet with other homeschooling families weekly during the school year?  Join the Collective's co-op!

Option #2

Once-a-month meetups more your jam?  Join our field trip and special events only group.

Option #1: Join the Weekly Co-op

Membership is $75 per child per school year (September to May) regardless of when during the year a family joins.  If cost is a barrier, please contact us.  We're happy to make payment arrangements so that all interested families are able to join.

The Collective co-op meets on Thursday afternoons for three 8-week sessions:

Fall:           September 21-November 9
Winter:      January 18-March 7
Spring:      March 21-May 9

Spring Break:

Thursday, March 14

End-of-Year Celebration:
Thursday, May 16

Our Thursday schedule:

12:00-12:30   Lunch (optional)

12:30-12:45    Announcements
12:45-1:30      First period
1:30-2:15        Second period
2:15-2:45        Snack break
2:45-3:30       Third period
3:30-4:00      Clean-up

We meet in an Akron suburb central to our member families, who come to us from all over Northeast Ohio!

At the Collective, we work collaboratively in teams to run activities so that no one person bears the burden of facilitating.

Co-op members also have access to the Collective's field trips and special events happening on some Thursdays (and sometimes on other days of the week).  Field trips are always optional.  There may be additional fees for field trips, special events, and certain classes and activities.  Click HERE to register for the Collective Co-op.

Option #2: Join the Collective's Field Trip Group

This $10 annual membership option (yes, it's really $10 for the whole family for the school year!) is perfect for those who want the consistency of meeting with the same families regularly, but who like the idea of gathering on a less frequent basis.  Your field trip membership gives you access to all of the Collective's monthly field trips and special events for the current school year.  Any field trip or special event fees are in addition to the $10 annual membership fee, which goes towards insurance and other group costs. 

Want to join the Collective's co-op later in the year?  Your $10 field trip membership fee will be applied to your co-op fees!  Click HERE to register for the Collective's Field Trip Group.

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